jQuery Plugins

jQuery Plugins Page

Description :
Collection of jQuery plugins
Language : Javascript
Platform : Web
Created : 03-05-2009
Last Modified : 03-08-1999


ConvertToEncodingTool Page

Description :
Library that converts the encoding of text based files (either per single file or per root folder). Filtering according to file extensions is also possible..
Language : C# (.NET 3.5)
Platform : Desktop
Created : 18-07-2009
Last Modified : 18-07-1999

Google Analytics.NET

Google Analytics.NET Page

Description :
Google Analytics Include Generator (With support for javascript disabled browsers).
Language : C# (.NET 3.5)
Platform : Web
Created : 26-10-2009
Last Modified : 26-10-1999

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Github Projects Site

Direct Link

Welcome to my project pages

My name is Erik, I'm a developer with a vast appetite for new technologies.

This site will include my public projects documentation, samples and download pages.
As of now, the only project I've started to create pages for is the jQueryPlugins project, however more projects are due to air soon..
Thanks to Github for not only offering great online services for Git, but also for hosting these project pages.
Posted at 15 Aug 2009
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